Atlanta Discount Music: A Musician’s Music Store


Making music takes talent, practice, ambition and dedication, but it also takes instruments and equipment. We know that no matter how much talent and hard work you put in, the sound that comes out depends on the instrument itself. Our team of artists and producers at Madison Studios appreciates the work that goes into finding good-quality instruments and musical accessories, which is why we have such great admiration for George Coats and his Atlanta Discount Music store.

For over 40 years, George’s store has been much more than just a place to stop by and pick up a guitar. It’s a gathering place for musicians, a trusted place for finding the best music supplies and a great resource for service and repair. A musician himself, George knew from the beginning he wanted a place that stood out from the run-of-the-mill music stores. “Our focus was to create a store for musicians, going on my belief that you have to be a player to really know and demonstrate the instruments and gear,” Coats says.

George’s own experience in playing and performing, as well as his years of experience in the store, have helped him hone his talents in finding the best guitars, amps, effects and other equipment to offer customers at Atlanta Discount Music.

Guitars for Everyone

When you walk through the doors of Atlanta Discount Music you’re immediately surrounded by walls full of guitars. The store occupies a 1940s house in the Brookhaven neighborhood of Atlanta, and the different rooms provide a great way to display hundreds of guitars of all shapes, sizes and colors, as well as comfortable places try out the instruments. “I’ve really loved having the store in this house,” George says. “It’s such a relaxed setting, and there’s good sound in these rooms.”

George has worked hard to get a collection of guitars he can be proud of, with names including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Martin and Rickenbacker among the many brands on sale. George and his staff are all musicians themselves, and are there to help guide you in finding the right match when it comes to an instrument and provide feedback while playing. It also helps when selling used or consignment guitars. “We have a great selection of used instruments, which I credit in part to the great customers who have kept coming back to the store over the years and trade in an old instrument for a new one,” George says. The quality of the selection also comes from George’s own talent in being able to play a guitar and know whether it’s good, as well as the talented luthier on staff who can handle repairs and make sure each instrument is at its best.

More than Just Guitars: Effects, Amps and Other Supplies

In addition to a great collection of guitars, Atlanta Discount Music is known for having one of the largest collection of effects in the area. From the newest sounds to vintage effects, you can find all types of ways to manipulate your sound with the thousands of effects the store offers. What’s even better is the opportunity to try them out first hand. “You can always hear a sound clip on the internet, but there’s nothing like hearing how it works with your own instrument, microphone, and amp,” Coats says. You’ll also find six rooms of the best new and used tube amplifiers.

Service You Can Count On

Atlanta Discount Music offers much more than a place to pick up your music supplies. Guitar repair and service as well as music lessons are a few ways Atlanta Discount Music helps customers even after the initial purchase. And of course, the musicians on staff are always happy to talk with customers about their craft and share their experiences. “There’s a lot of talent in and out of these doors, both in the people working here and in our customers,” George says. “I appreciate every day the opportunity this store gives me to continue to live and breathe music in my daily life.”

Stop by and see for yourself the musical magic in Atlanta Discount Music.

3514 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Chamblee, GA

Tanner Hendon