Becoming Like Machines


Life is all about change. Seasons change, people grow and mature, life moves forward and each new adventure opens up a new chapter in the book of life. For musicians Cheney Brannon, Andrew Evans and Tanner Hendon, a new chapter is starting right now with the introduction of Like Machines.

“We’ve been together as a band for a long time, and we felt it was time to change things up and make a fresh start with a new name that reflects our style and our direction,” Tanner says.

The three musicians had been performing as The Stir, and fans of this band will be glad to know that the sound and style of the band will stay true to its roots, even as the band takes on a new name. “The music of The Stir is an important part of who we are, and that discography is a part of our line-up as Like Machines,” Tanner says. “The new band name is inspirational to us and hopefully to our fans, and is a way to represent how we’ve come together and are moving forward with our music.”

The name Like Machines embodies the personality and sound of the band, communicating a lot with just two words. The name is meaningful and hard hitting, just like the band’s music -- adrenaline fueled rock & roll with hard hitting lyrics.

You can hear all of that in “Kaiser”, the latest release from Like Machines. “The band was going through a sort of a slow rebirth while “Kaiser” was coming together. It seemed to set the course for a new direction,” Andrew says. “We performed it some while on tour last summer, and it’s exciting to have it officially released.”

Check out the new video for “Kaiser” and be on the lookout for new music from Like Machines throughout the year. You can also catch them on tour later this year.

Tanner Hendon