The Stir: Celebrating a New EP on the Road with Fozzy

The recent release of their self-title EP and a busy tour schedule with Fozzy has members of the The Stir very busy during the late summer and fall of 2018. But being out on the road is what they love, playing in front of crowds and connecting with fans. We were able to talk with Andrew  Evans, guitar/vocals, and Tanner Hendon, bass, about the new EP and what they’re looking forward to with the tour. Check out the interview for some insight into the workings of The Stir.

Madison: The Stir, your self-titled EP, is the first major production released by the band. Tell us a little about what the process was like in developing and creating this EP.
Tanner: Really, Andrew was instrumental in getting this project put together. We were already working on songs for our upcoming LP, and Andrew was writing a lot of stuff. Some of it fit well with the line-up we had for the LP, but it was easy to see there were a group of songs that sort of went well together that didn’t really match up with the feel of the songs on the LP, so  we decided to split it up into a couple of different releases. Andrew’s really the mastermind behind the sound. He comes in with the bulk of a song written, and then we all work together for a few days or weeks, whatever it takes, to find how it flows  with the band and get the song ready.

Madison: What is your inspiration when it comes to song writing?
Andrew: I write about life. I take what happens to me and what I see, and put it into song, and I think that’s what makes our music something people can really relate to. I’m also influenced by the bands that I like to listen to. I love all kinds of rock, and lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Ozzy Osbourne and Collective Soul and old school rock and roll. I usually blend up everything I like and hope it turns into something good.

Madison: What was it like working on this EP with Madison Records?
Andrew: Recording an EP is very much a team effort, and we’re lucky to have a great group of talented people at Madison Studios to work with. Tanner’s not just our bass guitarist, he’s also pretty talented in the studio. He and Wyatt mixed the record and really made it sound great  We also worked closely with Greg Giuffre, who produced the EP. He helped us flesh out the songs and find the right sound. Without them, it wouldn’t sound the way it does today.

Madison: What are you looking forward to most from your tour with Fozzy?
Tanner: This is our second tour with this band, and we know it’s really going to be great. A lot of the guys from Fozzy live in Atlanta and they’ve done some recording at Madison Studios, so we all know each other. It’s also a good fit for us musically, their fans like our music and our bands complement each other. We jumped on the chance to go out on tour with them when they asked us again. There’s just nothing like being on tour, playing live. It’s great exposure and a good way to gain new fans. Especially with this year’s tour including Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n Rager at Sea. I never thought I’d be playing a gig on a wrestling cruise, but it’s really a cool extension of the tour. Andrew: If it were up to me, I’d never leave the tour bus. I love being on the road, playing music. It’s been my dream since I was 10 years old, and it’s something I’ve  been working toward my whole life. It’s a dream come true.


Tanner Hendon