Hannah Zale: On Releasing Eye See You and Signing with Madison Records

We recently had the chance to sit down one on one with Hannah Zale, the lead singer and namesake of the band Zale, and get her thoughts about some of the big things happening with the band. Here she shares some insight on what the band is doing and their new album, Eye See You.

MR: You and your band are one of the most recent additions to our roster of artists, but you’re not really new to the team here at Madison. We’ve been working with you in the studios for a few years. What was it that initiated this step of signing with Madison Records?
Zale: It was really just a matter of timing for both parties, I think. I’ve wanted to be a part of  the group of artists represented by Madison Records for some time, because I know the talent they have to share and the support they bring. But on my part, one of the big things was  realizing that the band just needed more manpower. Being successful in the music business  takes a lot more than just creative talent. It also involves a lot of business and marketing tasks, and while I am totally able to handle everything, it just got to be too much for one person.  Signing with Madison Records allows me more time to focus on writing and my music. I was just wearing too many hats, and now I can put my energy into the creative work that I enjoy.

MR: What are some of the benefits of signing with Madison Records?
Zale: In addition to giving me more time to focus creatively, I am really looking forward to the multi-faceted support our band will get from being one of Madison Records’ artists. It’s like a one-stop-shop. We go to the studios to rehearse, they have the production team for our videos, and they provide creative support. And on the business side of things, they’re  providing financial support, marketing, and help with scheduling tours and promotions.

MR: Who are the musicians that make up Zale?
Zale: We are lucky to have a really talented group of people in the band. The group includes Christian Gerner-Smidt on guitar, Melissa Loga on viola, Jack Reed on bass and Alex Morrison on drums. Christian is more than just our guitarist. He’s a major songwriter for the band, and we’ve formed a true partnership. He also had connections with Melissa and Jack and brought them on. Alex is the only auditioned member, and he’s brought so much to the band. Since he joined we’ve made so many powerful changes to our sound. He also built a merchandise stand with LED lights to help with promotion at our shows!
[You can learn more about each of these musicians here.]

MR: What is your favorite song from the album?
Zale: It’s hard to pick a favorite. But one I really like is “Part of the Pack.” It’s about how people will try to put you in a box, or give you some type of label, but ultimately rejecting that idea.  It’s all about knowing who you are, and not just being what other people want to think you are. We’re getting ready to release a video with this song that’s really cool, with a retro feel.

You can hear all the great new music on Eye See You when it’s released on Spotify on August 31, 2018. Along with the album launch, Zale will be going on tour along the East Coast this fall. Make sure to follow Madison Records on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the upcoming tour dates.

Tanner Hendon