Alex Tru's Debut Single "Summer Night"

Madison Records recording artist Alex Tru has just released her debut single “Summer Night”, a feel good country-pop song just in time for sun soaked days and warm nights. “Summer Night” evokes memories of being young, carefree, and living in the moment.

Alex Tru shares what inspired her to write “Summer Night” and some her favorite summertime memories.

Madison Records: This is your debut single. What do you want people to know about you? 

Alex Tru: I want people to know that's it's okay to like what you like. I'm not the "image" that people see when it comes to country music, I'm different, and I love that because it's me. And I love what I do. Be you and be great at it.

MR: What is the inspiration behind the song “Summer Night”?

AT: I was sitting with my friends having a bonfire one night drinking some whiskey and it was summer time and we sparked up the conversation about how as kids summer use to mean no school, no stress, we can do what we want when we want, and be around people we love. And I just wanted to write a song about being young and free and how things felt better in the summer. Especially when the sun goes down. 

MR: What are some favorite memories about summer time? 

AT: Well for starters I'm a summer baby, July 28th, I always felt like summer was made for me. But I have to say the best part about summer was always me and my dad. Every year for my birthday he'd take me somewhere new and exciting. I'd wait all year for these trips. We went to Vegas, Nashville, Hawaii, on cruises, you name it. It was just me and my dad. He's my best friend so any time have with him makes it that much more special.

MR: Where do you envision people listening to the song?

AT: In the car with the windows down and your feet on the dash board. Or at the beach with some drinks, or even like me and my friends, chilling by a bonfire. 

MR: Anything else that you would like to say?

AT: Just how thankful I am for the amazing team I was blessed with. I couldn't imagine doing this project with anyone else. Music is something I have done since I was little and being able to have a team you trust, with the thing you love most, and bring your vision to life, is just unbelievable.