The Studio Difference: The music world of today is definitely different than it was just 10 years ago. People now have the ability to sing in their bedroom, record it on a laptop, and post it on YouTube. But even with all the new technology, there is a definite advantage to actually coming in to a studio and recording.

Here are four reasons why the producers at Madison Records recommend recording in their professional studio:

The Set Up.

The Madison studio was built with live music and recording in mind. The ceiling height and wall angles are designed for optimum acoustics, and the balanced sound-proofing keeps the sounds clear and crisp, bringing out the warmth and pureness of the music.

The Equipment.

Madison Studios has some of the highest standard recording equipment available. Along with top of the line Ausburger Speakers and state of the art outboard gear and equipment, the studio features the world famous Southern Tracks SSL mixing board. The board was originally used for two decades at Southern Tracks studios where producer Brendon Obrien recorded Bruce Springsteen, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes, to name a few.

Experienced People.

At Madison studios, you get a team of experienced producers to professionally help shape your music. They can help create an atmosphere that fully allows you to let loose and bring out the emotion of a song, providing inspiration to spark creativity. The team at Madison provides that valuable experience in mixing, whether it’s a solo artist or a band.

Freedom to Let Loose. 

As mentioned above, working in Madison Studio’s enables you to have a team of professionals helping run the equipment. Their focus is to create a superb studio experience, with focus on providing a wide array of options across the board to accommodate every scenario from producing the A list artist to the new and developing artist. That lets you, the artist, focus on your music and leave all the worry about the technical side of things to them. All you have to do is play or sing, and not worry about the engineering side of things.

Recording at Madison Studios is well worth the investment of both time and money. It will allow you to have a competitive product that really showcases your talent, and put you on a higher level than most other records.

Tanner Hendon