For the past few months, The Stir has been hard at work in Madison Studios, writing and recording their upcoming album, Let Freedom Ring. But before that album officially hits the streets, the band will be out playing for crowds all over the southeast, perfecting their sound and getting in front of as many people as possible. This summer, The Stir hits the road with a full southeastern tour. On tour they’ll be promoting their newly released single, “Musket.” Fans will also recognize their other singles, “Nightshift” and “Legitimate” All three songs are included on the album.

The band, made up of Andrew Evans, guitar/vocals; McClain Hendon, drums; and Tanner Hendon, bass; has been playing together for a couple of years. Since coming together, the band members have spent a lot of time writing and playing, working on new songs and recording the album. The studio work is challenging and rewarding, but the band really enjoys being out on the road, playing in front of a crowd, and summer is the best time to do that.

“I love performing, taking everything we’ve practiced and letting it explode out of you, holding nothing back,” Andrew said. He finds a different energy being out on the road. “In a live setting there’s so much energy, so much going on, and things are just free flowing. There’s a passion and realness to a live performance that makes it special.”

Even though they’re hard at work on the upcoming album, the band finds it important to make time to get out on the road and play in front of people. “We want to continue to write, record and perform in ways that will increase crowd energy and feedback, and the only way to see if what we’re writing is doing that is to get out there,” Andrew said. The band has been working a lot on harmonies, and is ready to add some new elements to their concert line up.

“I’m really looking forward to our concert schedule this summer,” Andrew said. “Being out together just brings us closer and makes the music tighter. Our tours are full of nonsense, laughter, and rock ‘n roll, and to me that’s just about perfect.”

Check out The Stir at a city near you:

May 31: Savannah, GA
June 1: Jacksonville, FL
June 2: Melbourne, FL
June 3: Miami, FL
June 4: Daytona Beach, FL
June 6: Orlando, FL
June 8: Lakeland, FL
June 8: Winter Haven, FL
June 11: Largo, FL
August 4-5: Nashville, TN
August 11: Asheville, NC
August 12: Charlotte, NC
August 17: Birmingham, AL
August 18: New Orleans, LA
August 19: Mobile, AL
August 24: Savannah, GA
August 25: Athens, GA
August 26: Atlanta, GA

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