Rockin’ Out with The Future Babes - Don’t let their youthful look fool you. The four guys that make up the band The Future Babes might be young, but the band’s work has a mature sound well beyond their years. We’ve had the pleasure of working with these talented musicians since last year, when they first came in to Madison Studios to start work on their recently released EP, and we were able to see first-hand one reason for their experienced sound -- their friendship. The four have been friends for so long they can almost communicate without even saying a word. They joke around and rib on each other constantly, but when the time comes, they all take their work very seriously.

Carson Fleishman, Ian Klin, and McClain Hendon have been friends since middle school. Andrew Evans joined the band a little later on, in high school, but he fit in immediately. “It might have looked like we were doing homework in class at school, but really we were writing songs,” Ian said. Songwriting wasn’t the only thing they were doing, they also spent afternoons and weekends playing together in each others’ basements.

“We just started jamming together, but then we decided to go to the Battle of the Bands, and the rest is history,” Andrew said.

The self-titled EP is a true showcase of the band’s diversity. Each band member admits to having different taste in music, and they bring what they love to their songwriting and playing, blending it all together to create a new sound unique to The Future Babes. Carson is inspired by folk music, old country, and blues, in particular artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Waite. Ian’s musical hero is Charlie Parker, and he also likes Elliott Smith and Nirvana. McClain says his first favorite band was Guns N’ Roses, and he likes hard rock. Andrew is also a hard rock fan. He and McClain bonded heavily over Guns N’ Roses, and he also like Pearl Jam.

The wide range of musical inspiration is evident in The Future Babes’ work. Their first EP might be classified a rock album, but you can also hear influences from swing, country, and folk making its way into their work.

The band is having a lot of fun promoting their new album, with a few events lined up through the end of the year. They’ll be playing at The Nick in Birmingham, AL on Oct. 28, as well as the King of Pops Field Day in Atlanta on Nov. 6. If you can’t make it to a concert, check out the band in this video of “Cold Blooded.”

In the meantime, The Future Babes is hard at work on their next album, and they’re looking to give fans an even bigger, better experience. “There’s going to be more songs and a lot more diversity on this next album,” Carson said. “The songs on the album are a compilation of things that have been written over the past few years, about different life experiences, so there are different moods and emotions playing into each song.”

The Future Babes bring a multitude of talent to the music they produce, but it might be their passion and energy that really have them poised for greatness. It’s an enthusiasm that has definitely rubbed off on all of us here at Madison Records.

Tanner Hendon