We are excited to have released a new single from Chelsea Shag on March 10! This talented young artist is a prolific writer and has a beautiful voice, and we’re so glad to have her as part of the Madison Records label. We got a chance to talk with her about her latest single, and here’s the inside story in her own words.

I really love this song, One Kiss. I wrote it like I write all of my songs, from a real emotional place. At the time I had figured out I was in love with someone who was also a dear friend. I guess I had known for a while that deep down I had these feelings, but I hadn’t really let them bubble up because I didn’t want anything to get in the way of our friendship. But I knew I couldn’t ignore those feelings, and this song is about the anticipation, the excitement, the worry, the passion -- everything that you feel when you’re wanting to kiss a person for the first time. It’s all about wondering if you should just go for it, and describing the way the butterflies feel at the pit of your stomach.

I think what really brings the emotions across in the song is its tempo. It’s kind of got a spacey feeling, where I tried to capture the feeling of wonder and anticipation through music. I also really love the heavy harmonies in this song. It brings a depth to the lyrics.

Tanner and Wyatt were great to work with when recording this song, whose credits include Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and the Spice Girls. We also brought in a producer from Los Angeles, Stefan Skarbek. He helped bring out something in me that I really hadn’t explored before. The single that’s being released has a really lovely, polished and refined sound. It was great to be able to learn from Stefan, and I’ll be able to incorporate some of those things in the songs on my next album.

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Tanner Hendon