History In The Making

Creating an atmosphere where artists feel comfortable and able to let their creativity flow is one of the main goals of Madison Records. Our studio reflects the personality of the owners and producers, Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates “I believe in working hard, but feel you have to be relaxed to be in your best creative state, and that’s what I wanted out of this studio,” Tanner said. Big couches, warm hardwood floors and soft tapestries help make the studio an inviting place for musicians to come work on their craft.

A Building with Purpose

Madison Records’ studio is about more than just the furniture and décor. It is a place full of history. The building itself has been a studio for over 30 years, with various owners and many different artists coming through to record their music. “I just sort of stumbled on this building when I was looking for a place for my own band to record,” Tanner said. The building had been foreclosed, and while it was pretty much an empty shell, it was exactly what Tanner was looking for. The recording suites were the perfect size to give bands space to play and create, walls were angled for good acoustics, and the sound-proofing was already in place.

From Southern Tracks to Madison Records

It’s not just the building that has a history in music in Atlanta. The main sound board comes from another well-respected Atlanta production studio, Southern Tracks. Brendan O’Brian worked out of that studio, where he produced music for some of the biggest names in the 90s alternative rock scene, including Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, and Rage Against the Machine. The studio was shutting down about the time Madison Records was starting up, making that sound board available for the new venture. “I grew up listening to all those records, and they’re really what inspired me to go into music,” Tanner said. “Some really big records were created on that board, and it’s just cool that we’re able to keep the tradition going.”

A New Generation

With a studio that’s been home to artists for decades and a sound board with a famous past, Madison Records is firmly set in the foundation of the Atlanta music scene. But Tanner and Wyatt are bringing their own unique style to life in this great space. “I think there are a lot of really cool bands and untapped talent out there that doesn’t have the resources to put together good records that will push their career to the next level,” Tanner said. “We’re interested in working with those guys to build up a new sound, something that’s new and exciting.”

If you’re looking for a space to bring your music to life, check out Madison Records’ studio. We’re always glad to meet new people and share our space.

Tanner Hendon