Tanner and Wyatt bring a sense of adventure to their work at Madison Records, and this summer that meant getting out of the studio for a little remote recording work. Thanks to the addition of a new console, a DiGiCo S31, the team was able to offer their services to The Head in a new location, to experiment with a new place and look for new sounds.

The remote recording took place at Tanner’s family cabin on the lake in Hiawassee, GA. “I’ve been coming up here my whole life, and it’s really a home away from home for me,” Tanner said. He’d already done some recording in the cabin, and had fallen in love with the sound, but what he was able to produce was limited due to lack of studio-quality equipment. “Now that we got new gear we don’t have to sacrifice quality when away from the studio,” Tanner said.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, to record up here, but we didn’t want to bring a band out if we weren’t able to produce good quality music.”

Getting into a new space has its benefits. Since the lake house is built out of wood, the sound of the drums reverberates in a different way than it does at the studio in Atlanta. But unlike a live recording, the setting is still controlled just like in a studio.

The new location helps bring a new outlook for Wyatt and Tanner as well. “We love the studio, but we’re there every day, seeing the same thing. It’s great to work in a different space and really get the creative juices flowing in a new way,” Tanner said.

The outing to Hiawassee in July with The Head produced two singles for the band, which they will release in early 2018, after their album comes out this August. It’s just one more way artists benefit from working with Madison Records. In this day and age, when things are moving so fast and fans expect content on a regular basis, Tanner and Wyatt work to find new and creative ways to help their artists rise up to their fans’ expectations. And the ability to switch things up means more options for creativity not just from Tanner and Wyatt, but for the artists as well.

Listen to The Head’s new LP on Spotify, and come check them out on their tour this month as they travel through Texas, Arizona, and California.

Tanner Hendon