MadRex Productions is a producing duo made up of Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates. The guys of MadRex are fans of all styles of music and love to blend genres and sounds to put a fresh, new twist on things. They are both multi-instrumentalist and have years of record making experience from both sides of the glass. MadRex can do every step of the production process from tracking to mixing to mastering.


Tanner Hendon found a love for music early in his life, playing drums at the age of 10.  Soon, he began playing guitar, bass, and keys as well.  He then began writing songs and started performing live in bands as a drummer and guitar player at age 13.   He then went into Tree Sound Studios to record which is where he met future producing partner Wyatt Oates.  

At 15, Tanner started a band called Soul Stash which toured around the country, opening for acts such as Rehab and Velvet Revolver.   Eventually the band reformed and changed their name to Modern Paranoia, and went on to work with producers such as Wyatt Oates, Dan Hannon, and the legendary Dallas Austin.

The band’s debut single “I’m A Bird”, charted nationally and received airplay on numerous radio stations around the country.  They toured with acts such as Almost Kings, Tantric, and Rehab.

While he loved playing live, he developed a love for being in the studio and producing songs.  

So at age 19, he acquired the studio formally known as Exocet Studios in Chamblee, Ga, and renamed it Madison Studios.  He brought in the SSL Board from the world famous Southern Tracks Studio which was used for legendary artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, The Black Crowes and many more.

He and Wyatt Oates then formed a production company called MadRex Productions, as well as a record label called Madison Records which has helped launch acts such as Brother Grey, Jared Adair, The Future Babes and Chelsea Shag.

Since then, Tanner has been producing notable artists out of Madison with Wyatt, and they have also worked with top producers such as Steve Morales (Enrique Iglesias, Cristina Aguilara), E-Man (Hot Chelle Ray, Selena Gomez), and legendary Dallas Austin.

Tanner is constantly involved in all aspects of the industry.  Whether playing drums for Collective Soul, or producing tracks for artists, he still finds time for his creative songwriting passion.  


Wyatt Oates started playing guitar and bass at an early age of 14.  He soon joined numerous bands and developed a passion for writing and recording songs.  Wyatt eventually went on to attend Full Sail University, graduating in 2004 with honors and an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts.  

He quickly found a home in Atlanta, GA, landing at Tree Sound Studios, rapidly working his way up to Senior Producer/Engineer.  He worked side by side with such producers as Andre Benjamin, Ed Roland, Brian Michael Cox, Jazze Pha, David Tickle, Shawn Garrett and many more (see client list).  This enabled him to perfect his craft of making records from the initial conception and vision, all the way through to the finish.   

During this time, Wyatt worked with Tanner Hendon and recorded his band Modern Paranoia.  The two developed an immediate relationship and connection which turned into a production and writing duo.  They began producing and writing tracks, creating music, lyrics and full songs.

They formed MadRex Productions and started running and maintaining Madison Studios in Chamblee, GA. They began producing such bands as Reynolds & Williams Band, Sydney Elouise Ward, Hero The Band, Brother Grey, The Future Babes and Chelsea Shag. 

Wyatt’s success has also made him a highly sought after industry speaker, and he has started teaching production and mixing classes at SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA.  Wyatt explains, “I want to give back and help students get the opportunity to get into a large studio with A-List artists.”