Madison Studios was established in 2011 by producer Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates.  The studio was originally built in the late 80s under the name Exocet Studios, which was one of the featured studios in Atlanta during that time.   Exocet soon went through many different owners until Tanner and Wyatt took it over.  They immediately renovated the entire building, creating an environment that artist were drawn to as a premier studio for recording. 


Their focus was to create a superb studio, with focus on providing a wide array of options across the board to accommodate every scenario from producing the A list artist to the new and developing artist.


“We wanted to create more than just a place for artists to come and record, we wanted to create an experience,” said Tanner, “from the sound, to the recording quality, to the comfort, to the overall vibe and atmosphere.”


Madison has established a top notch professional studio environment, and has attracted such artists and producers as John Hopkins (The Zac Brown Band), Justin Bieber, Fozzy, Chuck Leavell (Allman Brothers, Rollings Stones, John Mayer), Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Dallas Austin, Andy Sneap, Collective Soul, Orlando Jones, Jessica Biel, and more.